May 2015

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

bed bugs

The bed bug is a pest that has become an ever increasing nuisance and is not going away. In addition to expanding its presence across North America, the bed bug is moving into areas where they have not traditionally been found. According to pest prevention research, bed bug invasions outside of hotels in the last year has increased 16.1%. This could refer to anywhere people frequent, such as retail store fitting rooms, movie theaters, healthcare facilities, restaurants, gym locker rooms, and even the church pew. This spread to non-traditional locations can be attributed to the increase in the bed bug population and the fact that they are excellent hitchhikers. As a result of this increased activity of the bed bug, it may be a good idea to add thorough checks of your clothing and belongings after visiting these and other communal places before returning home for a good night’s sleep.

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Rethink Lighting Design for Pest Prevention

lighting pests

The move toward more modern, environmentally efficient lighting can play a role in making a facility attractive to pests, such as in the use of exterior lighting at a business. Attracting pests toward a facility makes it more likely they will gain entry into buildings through gaps, cracks and even doors. That doesn’t mean you can’t use lights such as LED lights. However, you need to be sure to select lights that emit a spectrum that does not increase pest attraction. Research shows that LED light emissions less than 550 nanometers may be more attractive to pests than those with higher wavelengths.

Spring isn’t just for the Birds and the Bees

mice multiply

Spring is a season of love, but not just for the birds and bees. This is also the rodent mating season, which means mice and rats might be making a home in your home. Basements, walls, and insulation make great nests for rodent offspring- and your pantry may be the perfect food source. Rats travel in packs so if you see one, it’s probably not the end of the problem. Professionals recommend calling rodent control immediately. (That’s us!)

Don’t Feel the Sting of Spring


Spring bugs are a common household problem- in part due to seasonal trends, but also due to human factors, including landscaping and maintenance. Spring pest control needs may surge as you encounter all manners of spring insects as the season is underway.

As you can tell from the chart, termites and ants are the highest risk for your home, with flies and rodents following not too far behind. The most common termite found during this time is the subterranean termite. If you spot mud tubes, displaced soil or piles of wings, you might be experiencing a termite infestation. The most common ants found at this time are the pavement, odorous house, and carpenter ants. Odorous house ants are attracted to sweets, so make sure to keep all fruits, wine, and soda properly stored.