Jun 3, 2015

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Gnome More Garden Pests


Both feathered and furry friends delight in the gardens we work hard to perfect.  But often before we can enjoy the final products of our flowers, foods, and other plants, our backyard neighbors enjoy them first.  This can be frustrating, but luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent these pesky animals from destroying your plants:

  1. Animals do not like the taste of garlic, onions, chives, lavender, or marigolds.  Try planting these on the perimeter of your garden as well as interspersing them throughout your plants.
  2. Furthermore, animals hate the taste of spicy foods such as chili or cayenne pepper.  Sprinkle this around the base of your plants and along the edges of your garden to deter animals.  One bite of spice and they will find another food source.
  3. You love your pets but not unwanted ones.  Cat litter and mothballs are used to get rid of animals as well.  Spread these things around the garden to avoid intruding animals.
  4. Animals are not fond of mulch, so in addition to its nutritional value for the soil, mulch also benefits your pest problem.
  5. Birds do not enjoy standing on uncomfortable surfaces that prick their feet.  Therefore, put toothpicks, wooden skewers, or the tops of plastic forks throughout your garden to create an unpleasant environment for the birds to perch.
  6. Animals are scared off by shiny objects such as aluminum foil, cd’s, and metallic pinwheels.  Think of this as yard art, which doubles as an animal deterrent.
  7. Finally, a nearly foolproof way to avoid animals is through netting and fencing.  Try putting these barriers around your plants to forbid the animals from entering (and eating) your garden.

By using some (or all) of these tips, you are sure to have a pest-free garden the whole neighborhood will envy.