July 2015

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Wild About Arkansas Wildlife


July is Wild About Wildlife month. Insects and other pests are irritating and undesirable, but not all wildlife has to be. In the Natural State we have lots of outdoor activities and places to visit where one can celebrate a variety of wildlife.

In the Camp Robinson SUA Woodlands Auto Tour, you’ll get a chance to spy some hard-to-find birds like the golden-winged warbler. At the Kings River Overlook Nature Trail, you might see some bald eagles, deer, and turkey.

Take a look at this list, compiled by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, of more places around the state to see wildlife. What a great way to celebrate the Natural State and enjoy the great outdoors!

How To: Prevent Cockroaches


It’s always more than a bit discomforting to hear the scuttling retreat of a cockroach or two or three when you turn on the light to grab a drink of water from the fridge. Even if you are lucky enough to capture one, you always have that paranoid feeling his friends might be lurking and waiting for a good time to exact their revenge. At the sight of one, it’s always best to call us to find the rest and rid your home of the pests, but we also want to provide you with tips on how to prevent them.
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Stay Sting-Free this Summer


People have different opinions on when the summer officially begins. Some say it’s the first BBQ. Some claim it’s graduation day, the first day the pool is open, or the first juicy bite of watermelon. Those of us who have experienced the sharp sting of a bee, wasp, or hornet, might consider summer season opening with the first sighting of an insect nest. So, in order to enjoy all the pleasures summer provides, we want to provide some help on how to stay safe and sting-free this summer.
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How To: Prevent Ants From Becoming Permanent Guests


At Command, we strive to react to your specific pest problem and then be proactive about preventing the problem from occurring again. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about ants in the kitchen, and we want to help you prevent them from becoming permanent dinner guests with these easy at-home tips.

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