September 2015

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Pests, Pigskins, and Players


Tis’ the season for grilled, savory meats, chips and dip, early sunsets, fantasy football drafts, and…bugs! And we bet you didn’t know that the last two have quite a funny history together.
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Beauty and the Bug


At the sight of a bug, rodent, or pest of any kind, people grab the nearest weapon; a shoe, a magazine, chemical spray, or as can be the case (and understandably so), the phone to call Command Pest Control.

However, we’ve discovered some out-of-the-norm reactions to pests on the Internet. For example, instead of shying away from bugs, artist Jennifer Angus uses them as her medium.
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End of Summer Pest-Proofing To-Do List


While summer may be coming to a close, bug infestation season is not. Take a look at these tips to protect your home from pests this fall.
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Bees Vs Wasps


Bees and wasps are characterized as unwanted, often painful pests, but there are distinct differences between the two.
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Bugs on the Menu


There are around 1,900 edible insect species in the world, so it’s no surprise the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture recently issued a report on the benefits of incorporating insects into the Western diet. Certain Asian and Mexican culture groups have taken advantage of these edible creatures for many years, but the western world is having some trouble catching on. Here are a few places that have no problem taking on this challenge.
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