November 2015

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5 Invasive Imported Arkansas Pests


From Shakespeare’s time to the ‘90s, these particular species of pests have been brought over from several countries, either accidentally or with more nefarious intentions in mind. These pests may not be natural born citizens, but they sure are staking their claim. Good thing Command Pest knows how to handle creatures of all stings and sizes.
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Before You Buy: A Mover’s Guide to Arkansas Pest Control


There are so many things to consider when you move that it can all be so overwhelming. You have to check the safety of the neighborhood, the school districts, the foundation, the layout, the price, and the structure. The structure is what we’re here to help you with. In comparison, it’s much easier to touch up some paint or replace a door than it is to build upon or patch up an unsound or deceptively damaged house structure. We want to take the stress off of wondering or guessing whether or not you’re moving into a house that will hold up for years to come.
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Pest Control Fact or Fiction


Whether it be an old wives tale, a post you saw on Facebook, or a rumor you heard at a pest control conference, fictional DIY pest control tips are everywhere! So before you start putting cheese in traps in every room, Command Pest wants to help you sort the facts from fiction.
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Common Command Pest Control Idioms


Pests show up in a few of our common expressions; some negative, some positive. But always entertaining! Below are a few of our favorites.
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