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Arkansas Summer Pest Blockbuster Predictions

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There are several subtle signs besides the calendar that show us when spring is winding down and summer is peeking its head over the horizon. The kids are getting restless (well, more than usual). Your car, which is normally black, has turned an odd shade of yellow from the pollen that now covers it every morning. The boots get traded out for sandals. And the birds and bees aren’t the only creatures stirring. As spring transitions into summer, it’s important to stay aware of the subtle signs of a pest infestation. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to dealing with seasonal pests trying to be the main actors in your summer movie. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs where we’ll dive into each one of these topic trailers to help you stay pest-free this summer.
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Top 3 Arkansas Pests Currently Most Active

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While pests don’t really discriminate against seasons and definitely don’t have the reputation of respecting man-made borders, they do have a pattern of showing up at different times of year. They also tend to be a package deal with certain weather conditions. NPMA has provided the three pests that are currently at the top of their game in Arkansas right now, and we are giving you the full 411 on them. We want you to have all the knowledge you need to be ready to identify if these Arkansas pests have chosen your home or business for extended stay lodging.

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How We Have Hired Arkansas’ Best Pest Control Technicians

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Every business has different things they look for when interviewing candidates for a new job. There are basic questions like, “Do they meet the qualifications? Do they have experience? Are they a specialist in their field?” And according to Forbes, on average 118 applicants apply for any given job, and out of those 118 only 20% get called for an interview. Common hiring goals include finding someone willing to work hard, able to protect the reputation of the company, and grow the clientele base. But to be the best pest control in Arkansas we take things a step further when we’re hiring. The following is our checklist for technicians:

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How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free While on Vacation

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While many travelers go to great lengths to prepare for their vacations, creating trip itineraries and making arrangements for pets and mail pickup while they’re away, few take any extra pest control precautions – and they should. Without the normal hustle and bustle of your daily activities, pests have more room to infest your house. Fortunately though, there are a few things you can do to prevent pests from making themselves at home while you’re away.
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