June 2016

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On Location: Mosquito Control Program

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As summer has waned on and mosquito populations have increased, we’ve experienced a higher demand for our Mosquito Control Program, which helps Arkansans enjoy summer without pesky and possibly dangerous mosquito bites. Our program consists of one consultation with an expert technician and five separate treatments. Recently, we stopped by one of our customer’s homes in beautiful Chenal to perform one of their five treatment sprays.
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Bug Bite Relief Tips To Save Your Arkansas Summer

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As you spend long summer days and nights grilling out, going on vacation, having picnics and doing yard work, you’re bound to get at least a few bug bites. While Command Pest Control works hard to reduce the number of pests you come in contact with, we can’t eradicate every tick, mosquito and summer pest in Arkansas. When you do find a bug bite, reduce the chances of itchy irritation or illness by following the tips below.
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Tick Myths Debunked

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Arkansas is having a particularly active tick season, making this an ideal time to get our facts straight about one of our most pesky neighbors. While you can have your own yard treated for ticks and reduce their numbers around your home, you’ll more than likely encounter a few ticks this summer, and we want to be confidently prepared to handle the situation without any commonly believed myths clouding your judgment.
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Arkansas Pests You’re Sharing Your Home With

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Most of the time, when you consider encountering a bug, the image is of a camping trip when ants invade your sleeping bag or a BBQ when mosquitoes make their way onto the invite list. And while these are all so easy to picture, they all take place outside. When we think of pests, we think of them in their natural environment. But pests don’t recognize man-made borders so they have no problem adapting to a finer way of life and becoming part of our natural environment.

With this in mind, PeerJ – a scientific research journal – did a study on how many bugs the average household is unknowingly hosting.
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Mission Possible: Uncovering SPIs in Your Arkansas Business

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SPIs can be sneaky. They can destroy, demolish, and disappear before you even know a target’s been placed on your back. It’s difficult to locate their boss, sometimes impossible. But once they set their sights on you, there’s no erasing the damage. So what exactly is a SPI? It’s a Stored Product Insect, otherwise known as pantry pests. These undercover bugs pose a huge risk for the food industry. A very expensive risk. A Stored Product Pest can cost a mid-sized business close to $40,000 annually. Compare that to a run-of-the-mill pest infestation that costs around half that amount. So which pests are considered SPIs, which one is the most dangerous, and how can you avoid that crippling cost, you ask? Read the pest dossier below, give us a call, and consider the mission completed.
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