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Spider Bite Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions

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Spiders. They have quite the reputation for being the scariest pest at the top of the pest list – barring the mosquito with its new virus scare. They are used in movies to create fearful moments where most viewers are peaking through their fingers to wait for the scene to be over. They are so notorious in Hollywood, they received their own movie aptly titled Arachnophobia, a word created for those who suffer extreme fear of spiders. More recently, they’ve made appearances in the second installment of the Harry Potter series, Chamber of Secrets, as well as The Hobbit. In both instances, the spiders are 10 feet tall, larger than life, and ready to devour any living thing in their path. Putting the Sci Fi and Fantasy interpretation aside, we do tend to view spiders as creepy, crawly dangers lurking in their webs just waiting to enter our homes and scare the living daylights out of us.

While most genres of spiders are an annoyance, their bite is not a kiss of death. However, there are some fears and beliefs that are not unfounded. Enter the black widow and brown recluse.

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Arkansas Pest Control: DIY vs Professionals

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To begin with, this is not a blog discouraging Do It Yourself projects. We love DIY! Some amazing things have come from people learning to do things themselves. Pinterest has provided endless ways to be your own personal chef, to build your own dining room table, and to create multiple ways to entertain your kids in the summer.

But there are some projects that ultimately should’ve never been categorized as DIY. These usually end up as what has aptly been coined “Pinterest Fails”. Google it sometime when you need a laugh and reality check of your own limitations and capabilities. Some examples include replacing shingles on your roof, trimming your teen daughter’s hair, and decorating your own wedding cake. Unless you have previous experience, we don’t recommend these things! They should be left to a professional; people who have studied and honed this particular craft to bring you the best results. We feel the same about pest control, and we provide some examples as to why that is with some FAQ below – besides the obvious, of course.

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The Flea Bites Back

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If you were born and raised in Arkansas, you know full well that April showers don’t just bring May flowers. After a southern rainstorm, you know what to expect. Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks, oh my! Today’s blog focuses on the flea; a tiny relentless pest that when viewed far away is a slight annoyance. But take a closer look with us to see how exactly these pests have made their mark in history and why they are making a comeback in 2016.
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The Costs of Pests: How A Pest Infestation Devalues Your Home

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You’ve decided to sell your home, and have begun taking on house projects to help you get top dollar from buyers. You’ve cleaned up the yard, possibly taken on some renovations and are working to get the house completely spotless. There is one aspect of your home’s value you may have overlooked though, and it has the ability to completely slash your asking price, regardless of updates, layout or even location: pest infestations.

Even the slightest pest problem will send a large portion of potential buyers running, and a full infestation will effectively kill any interest you’ve created through your houses best features and immaculate cleanliness. A serious problem like termites devalues your home by at least 25%, but even an excess of mosquitoes buzzing around your property or a single roach in your kitchen will deter interested buyers. We believe no home is truly staged for a successful sale without the help of a pest control expert, because pests greatly devalue your home. Here’s how:
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