September 2016

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Store Your Summer Clothes The Command Bug-Free Way

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In Arkansas, that first chill means spending more time on fantasy football than actually watching it, rolling out the grill for steak and fall vegetable kabobs, and winterizing the mower. Thankfully, these are all things we look forward to as the heat dies down. However, one thing you may be dreading – if you put your cold-weather clothes away in a hurry – is pulling them back out again to see that your favorite blue sweater looks like it was part of a crime scene.

The sweater may be beyond saving, but your summer clothes don’t have to suffer the same fate. So, keep these steps in mind when stashing your summer clothes away.
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Arkansas Bug Repellent Plants

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Fall is approaching, and it’s slated to be quite a mild and toasty one. And for us Arkansans that means several things: holding off on unpacking the scarves and boots, basing your Halloween costume on which equals the least amount of sweating, staying out a little longer on our decks after grilling and eating outside just to experience cooler weather and last but not least, mosquitoes sticking around.

A warm and wet fall means mosquitoes will have an extended invitation to all your backyard campfire parties and football tailgates. Personally, we’d rather you call the hogs than call it quits because of a pest problem. Thankfully, Command Pest is here to prevent all that from happening with our educational blogs and a mosquito pest control program near you.

Below are repellent plants that work well with our Arkansas mosquito control program that will help you ditch the itch in your backyard.
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Command Pest Employee Spotlight: Ben Peet

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A big component of our success at Command Pest Control is employing some of the best pest control technicians in the state. They serve as the face of Command for our clients across Little Rock, Conway and Springdale, and we want to help you get to know them better by spotlighting them on the blog! Today, we’re featuring Ben Peet. He took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the work he does for Command, and what he’s learned about pest control in the five years he has worked here.
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The Singing Insects of Arkansas Summers

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No summer in Arkansas is complete without warm nights accompanied by an orchestra of insects that come alive after the sun goes down and temperatures drop. While any central Arkansas resident knows this sound well, many don’t know which pests contribute to the nightly summer song. To commemorate the end of summer 2016, we’re revealing which pests you’ve been hearing every night and exactly how they make their noise.
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