October 2016

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Rodent Control Q and A

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October 23rd through 30th is Rodent Awareness Week. While many people may find these little critters cute, they quickly lose their charm when they become a problem within a commercial building or home. Mice and rats are notorious carriers of disease and are able to multiply at an incredible rate, allowing even the slightest rodent problem to become a full-blown infestation quickly if not addressed. To help educate Arkansans on rodent infestations and how to prevent them, we sat down with Command Pest Control expert Curtis and asked him some of the most common rodent questions. read more →

Best DIY Bug Costumes

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Halloween is roughly a week and a half away, and whether you’re trick or treating, going to a fall festival or hosting a party, your costume is of the utmost importance. You want it to fun, creative and memorable, but without being too labor intensive or expensive. We know we may be a little biased, but we think going the insect route is a great way to check all those boxes! Here are few of our favorite DIY bug costumes and how you can make them, inspired by some of our favorite creepy, crawly neighbors. read more →

Arkansas Pest Control Mornings with Command

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In most offices, mornings are typically the slow, quieter time of day, with employees drifting into work around opening time, making coffee, and having soft discussions about the day ahead. At Command, it couldn’t be more opposite. Our mornings begin early, and right off the bat our office and garage are both full of activity. Today, we’re giving you a look inside how our pest control technicians start their days by walking you through a typical morning at Command.
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How To Discover a Pest Infestation vs Pest Irritation

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We’ve all heard a variation of the saying, “where there is one, there are many”. It applies to a whole host of things in life, but in our world, it really rings true to pests. Pests live in tribes and colonies and travel in swarms. It doesn’t matter what species. Ants, fleas, mice, termites, and mosquitoes are almost always used in the plural form. When they invade, they want backup.

So if you get that fly swatter out or that shoe you always use for cockroaches and get the job done yourself, you have proudly rid your home or business of one pest but what about the rest of the squad?

Whether you’re experiencing a couple of mice living behind the baseboards or a whole swarm of termites have changed their address to yours, calling Command is always your best option. But we want to equip you with the knowledge of how to spot a damaging infestation before it costs you your home.
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