Nov 30, 2016

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The Top 4 Creepiest Spiders in Arkansas

Enjoy A Pest less Kitchen

At some point and time, spiders have probably made their way into your nightmares. Whether you were a kid and your older brother let you watch the movie, Arachnophobia, or you encountered one face to face in the attic getting down the Christmas decorations, spiders are a feared creature for a reason.

All pests have a potential for danger, but when one of them has eight legs and a powerful jaw, you tend to put that one at the top of your list of Pests to Avoid Forever.

On the positive side, they were created with intricate designs and bodies that help us identify them as harmless or dangerous. We’ve gathered the top 4 of our favorite spiders that can be found right here in Arkansas, so that next time, if you see one, you know exactly how far to go on the panic scale. Of course, you should always call us to eradicate the problem – and to keep your wife from finding out you scream like a little girl.
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