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“That time” of winter has finally hit. The time when the temperature shifts from biting cold to full-scale gnawing cold, and all Arkansas natives retreat to the comfort of their homes to pile on blankets, light the fireplace and cheer on their favorite AFC or NFC teams in the Super Bowl. What if we told you though, that humans aren’t the only ones trying to find a cozy home to watch the big game in? That’s right– pests are looking for winter homes too! Learn about who your team’s opponent is and how to keep your home off their roster.


Considered the most-encountered rodent in the United States, house mice live up to their name by constantly seeking shelter in your home. The playbook to blocking these clutter-lovers? Stay on defense by keeping your home tidy, with boxes stored off the floor and any cracks in your home filled with caulk or steel wool. These pests may be small, but as disease carriers of salmonella and tapeworms, they can pack a punch large enough to rival a lineman.


Similar to mice, rats tend to tailgate in clutter, often hiding themselves in undisturbed piles in your basement. As carriers of jaundice, typhus and even the plague, you don’t want to let these creepy crawlies into your home’s huddle. To keep from intercepting them, eliminate moisture in your basement, and keep a close eye out for warning signs, including grease marks caused by the rat’s oily fur.

Brown Recluse Spiders

True to the name, brown recluse spiders avoid red zone action by secluding themselves. This doesn’t mean they’re harmless though! These venomous pests hide in waiting in seldomly-used clothes, shoes and boxes. To keep them offside and away from your home, work a play from the outside-in. Start by trimming trees, plants and shrubs away from your house; then transfer your boxed items to plastic containers.


Just like most football players, cockroaches prefer to position themselves as close to food and water as possible, which is why they’re often spotted in kitchens and bathrooms. Eliminate what they’re after by keeping countertops, floors and sinks neat and tidy; taking out your garbage regularly, and vacuuming every few days.

Don’t wait until a major fumble happens to treat your pest control problems. Contact us for a completely free estimate to send pests packing and set the scoreboard to where it belongs– Pests: 0, Your Home: 1.


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