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As pest control specialists, you might expect us to refer to all pests as “bad bugs.” Although we appreciate a good alliteration, that statement is simply untrue. Instead, bugs tend to differentiate themselves into different categories– the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

Though pesky and sometimes a nuisance, not all insects are classified as “pests.” In fact, species like ladybugs, ground beetles, praying mantids and wasps, actually are on your side, helping to cost-effectively protect your home by preying on real pests that normally would destroy it. Their ideal buffet? Lawn and garden-consumers: Aphids, caterpillars, slugs and mites.

The Bad

While you may not be aware of good pests, we’re willing to bet that the pests that make it into the “bad” category, have caught your attention. You’re familiar with these– disease-spreading cockroaches, wood-consuming termites, skin-crawling bed bugs and more. These true pests not only interfere with your family’s health, but they also can create some painfully expensive home repair bills that they aren’t willing to pay.

The Ugly

And now for the ugly truth. The bad pests we told you about above, are even worse than you might think. In fact, at $5 billion per year, termites cause more property damage than annual flood damage, wildfires, earthquakes AND Hurricane Isaac. They’re not alone in their damages either. Cockroaches, for instance, don’t cause physical damage to your home, but in addition to causing flare-ups of asthma in children, they’re also responsible for spreading at least 33 different kinds of bacteria (including salmonella and e.coli).

Although good insects help in the fight to prevent pests, the best way to send pests permanently packing is by contacting our professionals at Command Pest Control. Don’t hesitate to protect your home. Call us today for a completely free estimate, and get your first treatment for only $29.95.


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