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They’re big. They’re creepy. They may be living around your home. But they’re not the same. We often hear water bugs and cockroaches used interchangeably to label any creepy crawly that’s brown and unsightly. There are certain differences that set them apart though, and those differences can help you determine your next course of action.



Cockroaches are most likely the ones you’ve encountered scurrying up your kitchen cabinet. Luckily, the cliché saying rings true with these pests- they’re more afraid of you than you are of them. Because of their non-aggressive nature, cockroaches, usually orange-brown in color, tend to thrive in warm, crawl spaces like your basement or kitchen pantry where they can find baked goods, fermented foods or plants.


Water Bugs

Water Bugs could unofficially be referred to as the cockroach’s big, bad twin. Amphibious and much more aggressive, these scavengers live and breed in moist, dark areas like your leaky bathroom sink, rotting wood, a swimming pool or a pile of leaves. There, they hunt tadpoles, small fish or algae to eat. Unlike cockroaches, if you unknowingly encounter a water bug, it won’t be afraid to leave you with a painful bite to let you know it’s there.


Although cockroaches and water bugs are both scientifically different, the ways to get rid of them are both simple and similar.



This goes beyond your usual “we’re having dinner guests tonight” type of cleaning. Yes, wiping, sweeping and vacuuming is important, but take pest prevention up a notch. Make sure food in both your pantry and fridge are completely covered and there’s no standing water left from your cleaning efforts. Also, toss out (preferably in a covered trash bin) your pet’s food before going to bed at night to keep it from becoming an all-night pest diner.


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Now that you’ve cleaned and eliminated food sources, you’ve won the battle. Command Pest Control specializes in cockroach control in Little Rock and Springdale, AR. Contact us, and for only $29.95 for your first treatment, we’ll help you win the war.

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