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How much does your service cost?

Not as much as you may think! Each service is a little different and price may be based on how large an area is or how many treatments are recommended or required. Take advantage of our special offers as well. We welcome you to fill out our free online estimate request or call us to get more details.

Do we need a regular service plan?

If you are unlucky enough to have pests in your home or other building, it may indicate an infestation. Most pest species are nocturnal and reclusive. Seeing them may mean that their numbers have grown large enough for some individuals to seek out new areas to nest and search for additional food sources. If the pest population is not regularly kept in check, the infestation will just continue to grow. For most homeowners, we have found that our 5-application pest control service best meets their needs.

Should we be concerned with pesticide use in our home?

There have been many advances in pesticide formulas in recent years – pastes and gels are regularly used by our technicians, almost eliminating the use of airborne pesticides within your home. Liquids and aerosols contain the smallest amount of active ingredients needed to accomplish the desired results. The fact is, most over-the-counter pesticides are far more harmful to homeowners and the environment than anything a Command Pest Technician may consider using at your residence. It is far safer and usually less costly to let our highly-trained technicians take care of your pest problems for you.

What about the safety of my pets?

Our treatments will not harm your pets. When we apply pesticides we are targeting a specific pest only. Our technicians are trained to identify and treat the problem pest alone without endangering other species within the environment. Not having a prevention program may in fact be more harmful on your pets with pests such as fleas, ticks and rodents.

How do you treat flea and tick infestations?

To eliminate the pests, contact us for tick control in Little Rock and Springdale, AR! We treat the environment – inside and around the house (if necessary). The product we use includes a growth regulator, which prevents the fleas from reaching maturity and reproducing. Vacuuming thoroughly before and after the treatment is essential to the effectiveness of this chemical. You must discard the vacuum bag afterwards! To prevent future outbreaks, homeowners can take preventative measures such as keeping the yard manicured to reduce harborage areas and keeping pets on regular flea/tick treatment like frontline.

How does your rodent control program work?

For our rodent control services in Springdale and Little Rock, AR, we use mechanical and glue-based traps, along with strategically placed baits. We usually start out with glue traps, then move to baits if needed. Baits are placed in lockable bait boxes to avoid tampering with. Since the baits are toxic, we try to limit their use in sensitive accounts such as homes with young children.

Why do I need a termite contract?

A termite contract is like an insurance policy – we are guaranteeing your home against termite damage. There are several different ways for us to do this. Most new homes have the soil treated prior to construction, thus setting up a protective barrier against termites. In older homes, it is usually necessary to drill the brick and concrete slabs and inject these areas with termiticide. This, as you can imagine, can be a little more costly, but not as costly as replacing walls and floors due to termite damage.

“Command gets results. I use to have a serious pests problem, now I feel safe and comfortable in my home again.”

— Sylvia S.