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Flea Exterminators

Having fleas in your home or business is a serious problem. These tiny insects prey on cats and dogs, leaving your pet uncomfortable and itchy. Fleas also feed on the blood of humans and other animals, so even if you don’t have pets you can still end up with an infestation. We at Command Pest Control offer the most reliable and effective flea treatment in Arkansas.

Our exterminators have extensive training and access to specialized equipment which allows us to get rid of fleas in your home or business in no time. We also perform flea treatment for yards to prevent them from making their way back into your space.

Command Pest works with property owners and managers all throughout Arkansas to remove fleas in their homes, multi-unit residential complexes, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, and much more. Let us help you take back control of your property and provide lasting protection against future flea infestations. Contact us today for reliable and affordable flea pest control!

Effective Indoor Flea Control

At Command Pest Control, we guarantee great results. Our flea control technicians are experts in the field, using only the highest quality products and techniques such as traps, bait stations, and sprays to provide the best results possible.

While the time between your initial survey and actual application varies, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property, our team can typically survey the area and apply treatment in the same appointment!

No matter which technique we use for your property, our team is committed to the safety of both our employees and customers. We will inform you of any safety measures that need to be followed, such as not touching treated areas until they are dry. Generally, indoor flea treatments require you to vacate the property for at least two hours after treatment. The product we use includes a growth regulator, which prevents the fleas from reaching maturity and reproducing. Vacuuming thoroughly before and after the treatment is essential to the effectiveness of this chemical. You must discard the vacuum bag afterward.

Why Do I Have Fleas in My House?

Fleas often hitch a ride into your home on pets; however, since fleas are excellent jumpers, and capable of jumping 6 inches straight up, having pets is not a prerequisite for flea infestations. Fleas can also come indoors on shoes and clothes. Infestations occur when fleas find a host, feed, mate, and lay eggs in between the hairs of their host. A single flea can lay 400-500 eggs in its lifetime. Multiply that times several hundred and you’ll get an idea of just how many fleas can be in your home during an infestation.

Are Flea Bites Dangerous?

As we all know, flea bites may cause persistent itching for both pets and people. Additionally, some people can actually be allergic to their saliva causing rashes. Since fleas can consume 15 times their own body weight in blood, which can also cause anemia and significant blood loss over time.

The most dangerous fact about fleas is that they can potentially infect people or pets with the germs that cause flea-borne typhus, bubonic plague, tularemia, cat-scratch disease, and tapeworms, among other harmful diseases.

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Why You Need Professional Flea Control

Fleas only grow to about 1/8 inch long, meaning it can be difficult to see them until it’s too late. They also move very quickly and can be tough to spot and, even more problematic, adult fleas have the ability to live for months without food. You may think that DIY flea treatments and store-bought products are cheaper and more efficient, but they are far less effective than the treatments our exterminators use — and, if used or mixed wrong, they could be dangerous for you, your pets, and family.

For safe and fast flea removal, you need to have a professional inspection performed by a pest control expert to determine the right flea treatment for your property. Our employees are specially trained to observe, identify, and execute the proper protocols to rid your home or workplace of fleas.

Flea Prevention

Fleas are commonly present in unsanitary conditions, so make sure to vacuum carpets, rugs, furniture, etc. regularly. Fleas also often attach themselves to animals, as a way to get from one area to another, so if you happen to have a rodent problem you are at significantly higher risk for a flea infestation as well. A way to combat this issue is to make your outside property less appealing to wildlife that could play host to fleas by removing potential food sources (bird feeders, overripe fruit, and gardens, etc.). Additionally, erect a barrier between woods and your lawn to keep animals from crossing over.

If you have pets, your veterinarian can recommend a flea (and tick) control product suitable for your pets. If your pets spend time outside, make sure to check them carefully before they come inside. You should also wash their bedding and toys in hot water frequently — dry their bedding on a high setting as well to kill any fleas your pets might have brought into the home.

Flea Exterminators Serving Arkansas

With Command Pest Control’s advanced treatments and trained technicians on the case, your property is guaranteed to be protected. Our pest control experts create custom solutions that combine effective flea yard treatment with long-lasting preventative care. For the best pest control services in Arkansas, contact us today!

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