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Our Guarantee To You:

We GUARANTEE your premises will be free of cockroach, ant, and rodent infestation upon completion of our second regularly scheduled service.

We GUARANTEE to perform a corrective service within one working day of your call to us.

We GUARANTEE to provide the corrective service at no additional cost to you.

We GUARANTEE if your pest problem persists and there is an infestation in the physical structure after 30 days, a Command Pest manager will, after verifying the infestation, refund your last regular service charge*. This does not mean you will never see another pest. It does mean the thoroughness of our services combined with your efforts to maintain the highest standards of sanitation will not allow an infestation to develop.


Command Pest Control further GUARANTEES that if a guest refuses to pay for a night’s lodging or a meal charge due to a pest problem, Command Pest Control will:

  • Take corrective measures immediately upon verifying the problem
  • Reimburse the company for the lost lodging or meal charge.
  • Send a letter of apology to the guest, with a copy to the company manager.

* A current balance [less than 30 days] must be maintained to receive any refund or reimbursement under this Guarantee.

**Reimbursement under the terms of the money-back guarantee for lost lodging or meal charges will be paid only when the company manager notifies a Command Pest manager within 24 hours and provides the Command Pest manager with specific details of the problem, lodging or meal receipts and guest name and mailing address. Reimbursement is restricted to one night’s lodging and one meal charge per occurrence.

“Command gets results. I use to have a serious pests problem, now I feel safe and comfortable in my home again.”

— Sylvia S.