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Residential Pest Control in Little Rock and Springdale, AR

The last thing you want in your home is a pest or bug infestation. Along with making you and your family feel uncomfortable, pests can often present health and safety concerns. Command Pest Control is dedicated to providing safe pest control services for Little Rock and Springdale residents. Our professional residential exterminators can quickly eliminate pests and help make your home feel like home again. Our expert team has got you covered from seasonal treatments for common pests to targeted extermination. Contact us today for the residential pest control services you can count on!

Residential Pest Control Services

We use many advanced pest control treatments, including different snap traps, glue traps, bait stations, sprays, or a combination of techniques to get the results you want fast. Baits can be placed in more targeted locations for optimum control and to reduce the likelihood of pesticides becoming airborne and causing contamination compared to sprays. However, no matter which technique we determine is the right solution for your Little Rock or Springdale home, safety is always our priority, and our team is extremely careful when applying pest control treatments.

Our exterminators perform comprehensive pest control services including:

A Better Pest Control Experience

Generally, your family may be on the property at the time of application, and we will inform you of any safety measures that need to be followed, such as not touching treated areas until they are dry. In some instances, such as bed bug treatments or indoor flea/tick treatments, we do require the property to be vacated for at least two hours after treatment. Our residential pest control exterminators handle each job with care and professionalism and we appreciate your family giving us the space needed to treat your home safely.

Signs of pest infestation in your home:

Unexplained Grease Marks

Grease marks and grease tracks can signal a rodent infestation, as mice and rats tend to travel by the exact same path, leaving a tell-tale greasy trail. Rats are known to go along walls and will often leave dark grease spots wherever they go.


Scampering, buzzing, or tapping sounds within your attic or walls, especially at night when the house is quiet, can indicate a pest infestation. You might hear scratching, gnawing, and scurrying sounds from mice and rats while large bugs can make chirping or scratching noises.

Pest Droppings

You may find small, dark droppings in cabinets, drawers, and pantries, as well as other areas of your home where pets are likely to congregate, such as the attic, crawl space, basement, etc. You might be able to tell what kind of pests you’re dealing with based on the shape and size of the droppings — rodent droppings are conical or spindly in shape, while insect droppings are much smaller.

Strange Smells

You might notice the smell of rotting or stale food, as pests tend to carry off food and leave pieces of it behind. You’ll likely find moldy, rotting bits of food in areas where the pests are congregating. Additionally, you might also smell odors from droppings and urine. If pests are dying in your walls or other parts of your home, you’ll also notice a very strong, unpleasant smell.

Holes, Stains, Scratch or Chew Marks

This type of damage can be on your furniture, clothing, walls, floors, or exposed wires and can mean you have rats, insects, or other pests that love to chew on things.

Keep Your Home Safe from Pests

Command Pest Control can help safely eliminate pests from your home. With our advanced treatments, those unwanted pests will be gone quickly! For the best residential pest control services in Little Rock and Springdale, contact us today!

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