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Rodent Control

Having rodents in your home or business is a serious problem. Not only do common species of mice and rats wreak havoc on a building’s structure, but they also carry dangerous bacteria that can put your family, friends, and coworkers at risk for allergies and infection. We at Command Pest Control in Little Rock and Springdale, AR, offer the most reliable and effective rat control and mice control in Arkansas. We can send those pests packing!

Our exterminators have extensive training and with our team’s expertise and specialized equipment, we can quickly identify and get rid of rats and mice in your home or business in no time. Let us help you take back control of your home or business and provide lasting protection against future rodent infestations. Contact us today for reliable and affordable rodent control!

Effective Rodent Pest Control

At Command Pest Control, we guarantee great results. If you suspect your home or business is suffering from mice or rats, contact our exterminators right away. One of our highly-trained rodent control technicians will come to your property and scour the area for signs of rodents. Our pest control technicians are experts in the field, using only the best products and techniques in the industry to provide only the best results possible.

We use a multitude of rodent treatments, including mechanical and glue-based traps, strategically placed bait stations, sprays, or a combination of techniques. No matter which technique we determine is the right solution for your property, safety is always our priority and our team is extremely careful when applying rodent treatments. We usually start out with glue traps, then move to baits if needed. Baits are placed in lockable bait boxes to avoid tampering with. Since the baits are toxic, we try to limit their use in sensitive accounts such as homes with young children.

While applications will depend on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property, our team can typically survey the area and apply treatment in the same appointment! Our team handles each job with care and professionalism and we appreciate you giving us the space needed to treat your property safely. Generally, people may be on the property at the time of application, and we will inform them of any safety measures that need to be followed, such as not touching treated areas until they are dry.

Through the expertise of our professionals and the service quality we deliver, we’re confident that we’ll completely rid your property of rodents. We work with property owners and managers all throughout Arkansas to deliver pest control services for homes, multi-unit residential complexes, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, and much more.

Command Pest Control handles mice and rat extermination; for all other rodents, please contact your local animal control.

Why You Need a Professional Mice & Rat Exterminator

In search of warmth, shelter, and food, pests like mice and rats will chew their way through walls and windows or flatten their bodies to get into any tiny crack or crevice to get inside. If not sealed, drainage pipes can also become entry points for rodents. Once inside, they start to breed which will result in a full infestation very fast. While taking preventative measures (like storing your food in airtight containers and keeping your home or business clean) can help, infestations are likely to keep recurring unless all entry points are found and sealed.

Mice and rats’ constant chewing may be a fire hazard as these pests gnaw exposed electrical wires inside attics and crawl spaces. This type of damage could be a serious issue costing thousands to repair and be a fire threat if there is a short circuit.

You may think that over-the-counter rodent treatments are a good idea, but they fail to address the source of the infestation, and many contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets, children, and people with respiratory conditions. For safe and fast removal, you need to have a professional inspection performed by a pest control expert to determine the source of your problem, seal off the rodents’ point of entry, and remove the pests from your property.

Signs of Rodents

Some telltale signs you may have a rodent infestation include:

  • Droppings – Since mice and rats leave droppings where they eat, you’ll often find this proof where you keep most of your food. Look for small, dark pellets in cabinets, pantries, cardboard boxes, and under sinks.
  • Nests – If you see shredded paper, cotton, fabrics, or packing material lying around, you could have a pest nesting.
  • Gnaw marks – Mice and rats will chew through nearly any type of material to get to food and water quickly, including plastic and lead pipes.
  • Grease marks – Rats are dirty pests and their fur leaves dark grease or dirt marks along walls. Shine a flashlight onto areas of suspicion to see if any pests have found their way in.
  • Noises – If you’re hearing bumps and scratches in the middle of the night, it’s likely nocturnal rodents scurrying between walls.
  • Rodents themselves – Rodents are rapid breeders. Mice can get pregnant between 5 and 10 times a year and rats can have up to 6 litters a year, so if you actually lay eyes on one of these sneaky pests, there are likely dozens of others around.
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Mice & Rat Control Experts Serving Arkansas

With Command Pest Control’s advanced treatments and trained technicians on the case, your property is guaranteed to be protected. Our pest control services near you include custom solutions that combine effective rodent extermination treatments with long-lasting preventative care. For the best pest control services in Arkansas, contact us today!

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