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Professional Pest Control Services. Unmatched Results.

For any of our pest control services, we provide free estimates online or by calling us. All services are available at both of our Arkansas locations in Springdale and Little Rock.

Residential Service

Our primary service, residential pest control, includes 5 treatments per year with free service calls. It covers the most common indoor pests (ants, spiders, roaches and rodents). Additionally, we use a Perimeter Pest Control system that provides a pest buffer zone around the home. This is an excellent deterrent to future infestations.

Monthly Service

Residential buildings or offices near low ground, thick vegetation or other risk factors may require monthly treatment. While many clients will not require a monthly plan, your pest control agent can help recognize problem areas for you and determine which service is best for your needs.

Seasonal Service

Seasonal services target pest species that are most active or only active during a particular season; this includes fleas & ticks, fire ants and mosquitoes.

Commercial Service

Commercial services provide a safe pest control solution for places such as restaurants, hotels, schools and offices. These are often a monthly service.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ant control consists of a one-time blanket treatment to the landscape to prevent fire ants. This is guaranteed for one full year of control and is priced according to the square footage of your landscape.

Termite Control

Pre construction termite treatment treats the soil, making the ground unsuitable for termites to live. Post construction termite treatment is designed to service an existing home, including the foundation and wall voids.

Both treatments are a one-time service and are guaranteed for one year with the option to renew the policy every year for a fee.

“My service has been so good that I felt obligated to call in and let the company know. Thank you Command Pest Control.”

— Joe M.