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Bug Free BBQ

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Nothing sucks the fun out of a family barbecue like aggressive, hungry mosquitoes. If you can tolerate their constant buzzing by your ear, a heavy dose of bug spray every hour or so can help keep you bite free. But, if you prefer to keep them away from your food and family for good (minus the buzzing and chemical body spray), we suggest signing up for our Mosquito Control Program— the ultimate treatment plan for taking on these annoying and dangerous pests. read more →

Command and These 5 Plants Equals A Pest-Free Garden

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Spring is almost upon us. Temperatures rising, flowers blooming, birds singing, and gardens awaiting that much-needed sunshine in order to grow. But for every action (spring), there is an opposite but equal reaction (pests). But there are some things you can do to help prevent Arkansas spring pests from entering your garden and eating all your herbs and vegetables. After all, tacos are little less delicious without peppers and cilantro grown in your own backyard. Below are some plants you can add into your garden aesthetic to ward off the pests that want to use it as their own personal feasting ground. When these plants partner with Command’s pest control services, the potential for your Arkansas garden is unstoppable.
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