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Tick Control

Ticks are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of people and animals to survive. They carry many harmful diseases and it can be very frightening when you find a tick on yourself, your child, or a pet. If you begin to notice that ticks keep attaching themselves, an infestation has likely developed somewhere in your yard and professional help is needed. If a tick infestation goes unnoticed it can pose serious health concerns to you and your loved ones. We at Command Pest Control offer the most reliable and effective tick control in Arkansas.

Our exterminators have extensive training and access to specialized equipment which allows us to reduce ticks around your property and prevent them from making their way into your home or business. Command Pest works with property owners and managers all throughout Arkansas to remove ticks in their homes, multi-unit residential complexes, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, and much more.

Let us help you take back control of your property and provide lasting protection against ticks in the future. Contact us today for reliable and affordable tick pest control! 

Effective Tick Yard Treatment

At Command Pest Control, we guarantee great results. Our tick control technicians are experts in the field, using only the highest quality products and techniques

to provide the best results possible. No matter which technique we use for your property, our team is committed to the safety of both our employees and customers. We will inform you of any safety measures that need to be followed, such as not touching treated areas until they are dry. Generally, indoor tick treatments require you to vacate the property for at least two hours after treatment. 

While the time between your initial survey and actual application varies, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property, our team can typically survey the area and apply treatment in the same appointment!

Types of ticks in Arkansas include:

  • American dog ticks
  • Blacklegged ticks
  • Brown dog ticks
  • Gulf Coast ticks
  • Lone star ticks

Are Tick Bites Dangerous?

These parasites feed on a variety of hosts and can carry and transmit a wide range of diseases that can make people and pets very ill. Ticks are among the most efficient carriers of disease because they attach firmly when sucking blood and feed slowly. Because they are very small and nearly impossible to spot, they may go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time while feeding.

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Tick-borne diseases include:

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) – The most common tick-borne disease in Arkansas and is caused by the bacterium Rickettsia rickettsii. It is mostly carried by the American dog tick but also by the brown dog tick.
Lyme Disease – Is a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and it is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks.
Ehrlichiosis – The name used to describe several bacterial diseases that affect animals and humans. Human ehrlichiosis is caused by Ehrlichia chaffeensis and Ehrlichia ewingii. In Arkansas, they are mostly carried by the lone star tick.
Anaplasmosis – A tick-borne disease caused by the bacterium Anaplasma phagocytophilum and is spread to humans primarily from the blacklegged tick.
Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness (STARI) – A rash similar to the rash of Lyme disease has been described in humans following bites of the lone star tick.
Alpha-Gal – Also called alpha-gal allergy, red meat allergy, or tick bite meat allergy. It has been connected to tick bites when an allergy to red meat develops after being bit by a lone star tick.
Tularemia – A disease of animals and humans caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis and is spread by the American dog tick and the lone star tick.
And more

While not all ticks are responsible for transmitting diseases, you should consult a medical professional if you encounter a tick bite to ensure it is not detrimental to your health.

Why You Need Professional Tick Pest Control

You may think that DIY tick treatments and store-bought products are cheaper and more efficient, but they are far less effective than the treatments our exterminators use — and, if used or mixed wrong, they could be dangerous for you, your pets, and your family. Because of this, spraying for ticks is a job best left to professionals.

For safe and fast tick control, you need to have an experienced tick exterminator perform an inspection to determine the right tick treatment for your property. Our employees are specially trained to observe, identify, and execute the proper protocols to rid your home or workplace of ticks.

Which Ticks Carry Lyme Disease?

In Arkansas, Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, carried primarily by black-legged ticks (also known as deer ticks). To contract Lyme disease, an infected tick must bite you. The bacteria enter your skin through the bite and eventually make their way into your bloodstream. In most cases, to transmit Lyme disease, a tick must be attached for 36 to 48 hours. If you find an attached tick that looks swollen, it may have fed long enough to transmit bacteria. Removing the tick as soon as possible might prevent infection.

When Is Tick Season?

In Arkansas, tick season typically runs from April to October, with a peak during the summer months.

How Far Can Ticks Jump?

Ticks cannot jump or fly — they can only crawl. Ticks wait for host animals from the tips of weeds, grasses, and shrubs. When brushed by a moving animal or human, they quickly climb onto and attach to the host. To avoid this, keep ticks out of your yard in the first place with professional pest control services.

Tick Prevention for Yard

Parents and pet owners alike are concerned with tick prevention because a tick bite can have serious implications for children and pets. The easiest way to protect your property from ticks is to have the experts at Command Pest Control implement a tick yard treatment.

Ticks often attach themselves to animals, so if you happen to have a rodent problem you are at significantly higher risk for a tick infestation as well. A way to combat this issue is to make your outside property less appealing to wildlife that could play host to ticks by removing potential food sources (bird feeders, overripe fruit, and gardens, etc.). Additionally, clear back tall grass, brush, and wooded areas from the edge of your property or erect a barrier between woods and your lawn to keep animals from crossing over.

Here are some more helpful tick prevention tips:

  • Check yourself and your pets for ticks after spending time in your yard or any other outdoor space
  • If you have pets, your veterinarian can recommend a tick (and flea) control product suitable for your pets
  • When walking in a wooded area, wear long pants and stay at the center of the trail away from tall grass
  • Avoid walking through fields, meadows, and other areas with tall grass
  • Remove overgrown vegetation, leaf piles, and tall grass from your yard where ticks like to hide
  • Stack firewood up off of the ground and away from the outside walls of your home

Tick Exterminators Serving Arkansas

With Command Pest Control’s advanced treatments and trained technicians on the case, your property is guaranteed to be protected. Our pest control experts create custom solutions that combine effective tick yard treatment with long-lasting preventative care. You’ll be able to step outdoors with confidence knowing your family, friends, and pets are safe. For the best pest control services in Arkansas, contact us today!

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