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Nothing sucks the fun out of a family barbecue like aggressive, hungry mosquitoes. If you can tolerate their constant buzzing by your ear, a heavy dose of bug spray every hour or so can help keep you bite free. But, if you prefer to keep them away from your food and family for good (minus the buzzing and chemical body spray), we suggest signing up for our Mosquito Control Program— the ultimate treatment plan for taking on these annoying and dangerous pests.

Through providing six, perimeter-fogging treatments around your shrubbery, decking, fencing and eaves, our treatment program is proven to significantly reduce the mosquito population around your home. Each treatment is done approximately every 30 days, and the application schedule is flexible to best meet your family’s needs. It’s important to note that all our applications equal or exceed the safety of tree and shrub products sold in retail stores. Your safety is our priority at Command Pest Control.

Additional Ways to Win Your Yard Back:

  • Clean debris from rain gutters to allow proper drainage
  • Remove any water-holding containers or objects
  • Fill in or drain low places (puddles, ruts) in the yard
  • Cover trash cans to keep out rainwater

With pests no longer a problem, you can put your full focus where it belongs— on the food. Stay tuned to see our team members’ favorite on-the-grill recipes which we will be sharing with followers throughout the summer.

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