Ant Macro

With the onset of intense rain and flooding throughout Southern states, Arkansas is no exception when it comes to seeing an increase in pests such as mosquitos, ants, and roaches.  Stagnant water produced from the rains provides mosquitos with the perfect breeding ground allowing them to multiply at alarming rates.  As soon as the rain subsides, dump the sitting water to hinder mosquitos from multiplying.  Furthermore, insects are no different than us when it comes to wanting to get inside and stay dry.  Ants and roaches flee from the wet ground, climbing upwards into your house to save themselves.  Once inside, pests don’t want to leave, and why should they when they’ve got food and a temperature-regulated, dry home to live in?  These insects come inside through cracks in foundations, walls, and even through outlets.  The ant population, in particular, has expanded with the recent rainfall.  In fact, the number of ants gaining access inside homes “has been the worst we’ve seen in years,” said one pest control technician.  While over-the-counter bug sprays kill some insects, it repels the rest, causing them to return to their colonies and breed, continuing the problem.  The only true way to secure your home from insects is to call Command and let us take care of the pests.