A mosquito’s favorite summer vacation spot is anywhere near standing water. By doing more to reduce the standing water in your yard you can discourage these buzzing pests from invading your outdoor living space. Below are some tips for turning mosquitoes away this summer.

  • Regularly (every 3 to 4 days) empty anything on the property that holds rainwater (dishes under flowerpots, tire swings, buckets, dog toys, etc.)
  • Regularly (every 3-4 days) change the water in anything on the property that normally holds water: pet dishes, wading pools, birdbaths, water troughs, fountains, etc.
  • Keep rain guttering and downspouts cleaned out so water doesn’t stand in them.
  • Correct areas that have standing water after rain: fill in low places with soil, keep ditches clear of leaves and debris, aerate your lawn, fill in hollow tree stumps with sand.
  • Make sure outside faucets aren’t leaky, creating a constant puddle.
  • Make sure sprinkler systems don’t have leaks that cause puddles.
  • Keep grass short and shrubbery trimmed around the house where mosquitos may rest.

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