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Spring has officially sprung, complete with chirping birds, blooming flowers, and unfortunately, very hungry termites. Although they’re tiny, these pests pack a mighty appetite and can cause extensive, pricy damage to your home if untreated.

Keep an eye out this spring for these 4 major signs that you may be harboring some unwanted house guests.

Your house is “aging” rapidly

Has your floor started blistering, sagging or feeling spongy? Have your walls and ceiling started cracking for seemingly no reason? It’s easy to chalk these symptoms up to your house growing older, but in reality, these are also some tell-tale signs that termites are burrowing through the structure of your home.

Weakened / hollow-sounding wood

One of the easiest ways to spy termites is by listening. Unfortunately, termites are not as easy to hear as your childhood cartoons made it out to be. You probably won’t hear the “chomp, chomp, chomp” of napkin-clad termites as they feast upon your grandma’s antique, wooden chair. What you will hear are the effects that their chomping makes. Since termites hollow out wood as they eat through a structure, you will hear a hollow sound when knocking on the suspicious area.


Termites take flight to find a home to create their colonies. Once they’ve found their ideal location, they shed their wings and make themselves at home. If you spot piles of wings, termites are not only present, but they’ve also already started their way through the buffet line that you refer to as “home.”

Mud tubes

Termites require very specific temperature and humidity levels to live. That’s why they create worm-like mud tubes to protect themselves against cool, dry air while they feast. If you find any pencil-sized, brown and dry tubes along the exterior of you house, give us a call.

If you spy any signs of termites in or around your home, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll send the best-trained people to your house to help you protect it.

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