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Every business has different things they look for when interviewing candidates for a new job. There are basic questions like, “Do they meet the qualifications? Do they have experience? Are they a specialist in their field?” And according to Forbes, on average 118 applicants apply for any given job, and out of those 118 only 20% get called for an interview. Common hiring goals include finding someone willing to work hard, able to protect the reputation of the company, and grow the clientele base. But to be the best pest control in Arkansas we take things a step further when we’re hiring. The following is our checklist for technicians:

  1. Attitude and Character

So much about a person’s attitude can be told through their body language and character in how they interact with those around them. It’s a good idea to take a candidate somewhere in public for an interview, like a coffee shop or restaurant, to see how they interact with wait staff and other strangers. A bad attitude in a small business can affect staff morale and a bad character, customer service.

  1. Cultural Fit  

A small business owner knows his or her company’s vibe. Is it tightly structured or laid back? Are the employees friends or do they keep to their own space? Do they listen to classical music over the loudspeakers or AC/DC? A candidate doesn’t have to be a clone of existing staff, but they do need to fit into the work environment we’ve created.

  1. Communication and Honesty

In an interview, we want to stage hypothetical situations to our candidates to evaluate their responses. Things can go wrong when you’re travelling and working in the field. Technicians are on their own a majority of the day while they are out ridding Arkansas of pests. Our technicians need to feel comfortable admitting mistakes and communicating those to our office. They also need to have the communication skills to explain our processes, our services, and the end results of a service call. All technicians need to leave behind a positive impression to the customers that have been served.

  1. Serving and Leadership

Above all, our candidates need to have a true love for serving and leadership. And that can be hard to find in one or two interviews. Sometimes gut instincts make a play and we are thankful we have struck gold in the technicians we have on board with us at Command.

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