Enjoy A Pest less Kitchen 61

Fall is approaching, and it’s slated to be quite a mild and toasty one. And for us Arkansans that means several things: holding off on unpacking the scarves and boots, basing your Halloween costume on which equals the least amount of sweating, staying out a little longer on our decks after grilling and eating outside just to experience cooler weather and last but not least, mosquitoes sticking around.

A warm and wet fall means mosquitoes will have an extended invitation to all your backyard campfire parties and football tailgates. Personally, we’d rather you call the hogs than call it quits because of a pest problem. Thankfully, Command Pest is here to prevent all that from happening with our educational blogs and a mosquito pest control program near you.

Below are repellent plants that work well with our Arkansas mosquito control program that will help you ditch the itch in your backyard.

Arkansas Bug Repellent Plants

Citronella Grass We start off with the most well-known and obvious candidate for the job. Citronella is the most popular (and most pungent) natural repellent that can be used to prevent mosquito bites.

Mint Easy to grow and with multiple home uses, we like that we can use this for mojitos AND mosquitoes.

Nasturtium This beautiful little flower-like plant produces an airborne chemical that naturally repels insects, which comes in handy when you want to protect plants that surround it from bugs as well.

Rosemary It may help Thanksgiving dinner smell absolutely mouth-watering, but mosquitoes thankfully disagree and usually steer clear of it.

Basil Another delicious addition to dinner, mosquitoes would rather skip this part of the meal and move on to someone else’s backyard if you plant this.

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