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In most offices, mornings are typically the slow, quieter time of day, with employees drifting into work around opening time, making coffee, and having soft discussions about the day ahead. At Command, it couldn’t be more opposite. Our mornings begin early, and right off the bat our office and garage are both full of activity. Today, we’re giving you a look inside how our pest control technicians start their days by walking you through a typical morning at Command.

A pest control technician’s day starts the night before, when the technician looks at the next day’s appointments, and then schedules them out based on location and the amount of time needed to perform the treatment.

The next morning, the technician arrives at work bright and early at 7 a.m., takes inventory of everything needed to perform the day’s treatments, and then heads to the Command garage to load his truck. From termite treatments to general maintenance visits to mosquito sprays to fire ant control, a workday for a pest control technician requires a wide range of tools and products. Command Pest Control technician Curtis states, “Generally I’m going to need spray for general pests, granules for the (building’s) outside perimeter, and any specialty items I might need for service calls where they are having specific issues.”

Once their trucks are loaded, the Command Pest Control technicians head out to commercial and residential appointments all over Little Rock, Conway and Springdale, prepared to serve homes, offices, restaurants and retail locations.

Our morning routine may be busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s something energizing about beginning the day with the sun and hitting the ground running right when we arrive to work. Watch the video to see our morning routine in action, narrated by our own pest control expert, Curtis!

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