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Most of the time, when you consider encountering a bug, the image is of a camping trip when ants invade your sleeping bag or a BBQ when mosquitoes make their way onto the invite list. And while these are all so easy to picture, they all take place outside. When we think of pests, we think of them in their natural environment. But pests don’t recognize man-made borders so they have no problem adapting to a finer way of life and becoming part of our natural environment.

With this in mind, PeerJ – a scientific research journal – did a study on how many bugs the average household is unknowingly hosting.

Combing through homes in North Carolina, the PeerJ team discovered 2 disturbing things. The first was that on average, 100 species of arthropods are found per home. Secondly, the most common bugs found were flies, spiders, beetles, ants, and wasps. (If the same research was done in Arkansas, mosquitoes would definitely top this list).

While most of these homes were kept in clean, hygienic conditions, there were things the homeowners didn’t think to take into consideration.

  • Occasionally move furniture in order to dust and vacuum in hard-to-reach places
  • Check for holes in screen doors and windows
  • Take out the trash a good distance away from the house before leaving for summer vacations
  • Thoroughly clean dark, cool, and/or damp corners of basements and garages
  • Don’t keep food in bowls on counters. Don’t leave snacks out for long periods of time

Combining Command Pest Control’s trained technicians and quality, top-of-the-line products with a clean home means not giving pests a chance to take over.

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