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May is National Pet Month, and at Command Pest Control, we’re lucky to have met many of our customer’s animals while performing our treatments and services. Each time we enter a home, we want it to be a positive experience for both humans and furry members of the family. While our treatments are completely safe for your animals – in fact, they make your pets healthier by keeping disease-ridden pests out of your home – there are certain practices that make our services go smoother.

Tell your technician.

When scheduling your service, let your technician know you have a pet and how that pet reacts to strangers in the home. This helps your technician be prepared for the job ahead, and avoids a potentially stressful situation for your pet and the technician.

Protect your pet’s belongings.

Cover all fish and reptile tanks prior to your service, and remove all pet bedding, toys, food and bowls from areas that will be treated. Again, our treatments are safe for your pets, but we like to avoid directly spraying their belongings.

Secure your pet.

Keep your pet somewhat separated from an underway treatment. Even if your animal is social and friendly, it could get in the way of the technician and interfere with the service.

If you follow the guidelines above, each Arkansas pest control treatment should be smooth sailing. If you’d like to learn more about our services, click here or call 1-800-GOT-BUGS. With available pest control in Conway, Little Rock and Springdale, we service a large portion of the state of Arkansas – and probably your hometown!

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