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There are several subtle signs besides the calendar that show us when spring is winding down and summer is peeking its head over the horizon. The kids are getting restless (well, more than usual). Your car, which is normally black, has turned an odd shade of yellow from the pollen that now covers it every morning. The boots get traded out for sandals. And the birds and bees aren’t the only creatures stirring. As spring transitions into summer, it’s important to stay aware of the subtle signs of a pest infestation. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to dealing with seasonal pests trying to be the main actors in your summer movie. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs where we’ll dive into each one of these topic trailers to help you stay pest-free this summer.

First, let’s take a look at NPMA’s Arkansas bug forecast.

“Southeast: A rainier and even warmer winter than usual created strong breeding grounds for mosquitoes that will continue to thrive. Termite swarms and ants will emerge in their fullest force during the hottest periods of spring and summer.”

Wasps and stinging insects will be making an appearance

If your kids are allergic to these pests, it’s vital to teach them the ability to spot a nest and how to avoid it. Anyone in contact with your children should know what to do in a situation where stinging insects might be involved.

Mosquitos will try and steal the show (and your BBQ party)

Arkansas mosquitos seem like a special breed. It’s just humid enough in the summer to create this pest’s favorite feeding ground, and the tiki torches can only provide so much protection. If you’re one to enjoy the outdoors, you need to consider Command’s mosquito treatment program. There are a couple of offers to choose from, like the $10 off initial application, here.

Rats, roaches, and ants will play a supporting role

Rats and roaches tend to be a hot topic in the fall and winter, but don’t believe the misconception that they are seasonal pests. They don’t discriminate against any season. They want food, water, and cool air just as much as you do in the summer and if you give them even the tiniest opening, they’ll take it as an invitation.

Termites will be the twist you never saw coming

If you’re seeing the signs of wood rot and other foundation issues, termites may have already moved in and done some major work on your home. Their damage is hard to see at first, which is why it’s so important to have an annual inspection from an expert who knows what to look for.

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