Enjoy A Pest less Kitchen

Halloween is roughly a week and a half away, and whether you’re trick or treating, going to a fall festival or hosting a party, your costume is of the utmost importance. You want it to fun, creative and memorable, but without being too labor intensive or expensive. We know we may be a little biased, but we think going the insect route is a great way to check all those boxes! Here are few of our favorite DIY bug costumes and how you can make them, inspired by some of our favorite creepy, crawly neighbors.


In our line of work, we run into this creature a lot! To make a roach costume, all you’ll need is a few crafts supplies, household items, basic sewing skills and a several pieces of brown clothing. Get the full list of instructions on eHow. If you want to go even simpler, buy a pack of plastic roaches, take this idea from Martha Stewart attach them to a pair of hose with a little glue, wear brown clothing over the hose, make a pair of antennae with a headband and pipe cleaners and call it a day.

Lady Bug

This lady bug get up makes one of the cutest kid’s costumes, but this can of course be altered to make a great adult costume as well. To cut down on the amount of sewing, simply wear a black skirt or pants already hanging in your closet! Get the details on how to put your lady bug costume together from the Yesterday On Tuesday blog.


This costume is great for anyone with little to no time to put together a costume, but doesn’t want to do the overplayed “I had no time to think of a costume” hippie or cowgirl outfits. All you need is something with stripes, something yellow and a headband with two pipe cleaners to form antennae. Check out minute 1:24 of the video on The Girls with Glasses blog to see how to put it together.


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