There are around 1,900 edible insect species in the world, so it’s no surprise the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture recently issued a report on the benefits of incorporating insects into the Western diet. Certain Asian and Mexican culture groups have taken advantage of these edible creatures for many years, but the western world is having some trouble catching on. Here are a few places that have no problem taking on this challenge.

City: New York

Restaurant: Toloache

Specialty: Grasshopper tacos flavored with chile lime and guacamole

City: London

Restaurant: Archipelago Restaurant

Specialty: Cricket couscous, bumblebee dessert

City: Hong Kong

Restaurant: Delicious Inn

Specialty: Stir-fried caterpillars 

City: Paris

Resturant: Le Festin Nu

Specialty: Booze n’ Bugs including silkworms and water bugs

City: Almere, Netherlands

Restaurant: Tante Truus

Specialty: Deep-fried locusts

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