The Top 4 Classic Bug Pranks 3

While pests make terrible housemates, they are great for pranks – well, the fake ones are at least. April Fool’s Day is only two days away, and there’s no better time to play a few harmless pest pranks on your friends. Here are a few of our favorites:

little rock pest control pranks

Place a bug cutout on the inside of a lampshade.
One of the most realistic pranks on our list, it may take your friend awhile to figure out the cutout isn’t real, making for a hilarious YouTube video you’ll play on repeat for years to come.

springdale pest pranks

Draw a spider on the toilet paper roll.
Save this joke for one of your more dramatic family members or friends, so you can hear the shriek as they almost touch this “spider” as they reach for the toilet paper roll.

conway pest pranks

Freeze fake flies in ice.
See how long it takes for your friends to notice there is a little more than water to the ice in their drinks.

Leave lice powder in the bathroom and work.
Spend a little extra time around the water cooler to hear all the concerned murmurs about the potential office lice outbreak.

There’s our top four favorite pest pranks for April Fools Day. (Of course if you loved ones use Command, they’ll never fall for it!) But if you play any bug jokes of your own on family and friends this Friday, we’d love to hear about it! Snap a photo and post it to our Facebook wall or tweet @Command_Pest.

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