Tis the season for hot spiced drinks, frantic last minute shopping, looping Christmas music in the stores, bundling in scarfs and layers, and throwing holiday parties for friends and family. And unless you consider spiders, ticks, ants, mice, and roaches part of the holiday fun, tis the season to permanently mark them off the checklist. With food to prepare, rooms to clean, presents to buy, and decorations to put up, worrying about pests is the last thing you have time for. While you’re putting the icing on the Santa cookies, they are waiting for the time you unwrap your lights and bring in the tree so they can roam free, so as you deck the halls, consider these pest-free decorating tips.

  1. The nature decorations. Pests have a tendency to hide in your Christmas trees, wreaths, and firewood. They can come in your home undetected until Aunt Ida screams and the game is up. And if you start the Christmas season early, they may even have time to lay eggs in your home and bring in the New Year with you. To prevent an infestation, inspect very carefully and shake out whatever you bring in from the outdoors before displaying indoors. Look for nests and spray down with some vinegar water.
  1. The packed decorations. From January to November, pests are given the opportunity to find homes in your decoration boxes in the basement and attic. During that time, they may have also found that your son’s 4th grade macaroni ornament or your daughter’s felt snowman could provide food for their family. To prevent this, do not use cardboard boxes, but rather sturdy bins with seal-tight tops. Also, unpack them outside and do a quick scan of any droppings or frayed lights before bringing the bins inside.
  1. The leftover decorations. The last thing you can do to help keep your festivities pest-free is to discard your tree and greenery far from your home so as not to attract any mice or termites.

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