As kids get released from school for the holidays, you may think your home has become a natural habitat for wild animals, but if raccoons, squirrels and opossums enter your house, wild takes on a whole new meaning. Unfortunately, the same warm, cozy shelter that you enjoy is also a temptation for our furrier, less friendly Central Arkansas pests. So, we have provided some helpful tips on how to proof your property before the cold drives them to become bed buddies with you and your family.


  1. Keep outdoor trash bins covered. Trash is the gateway drug to your home. Pests are getting a sample of the deliciousness going on in your kitchen and want to know more about its origin. Keeping trash bins tightly sealed will prevent them from ever discovering Betty Crocker.


  1. Keep screened vents screened. Squirrels and raccoons have been watching Santa do it for years, so using your chimney to enter the home is not a new idea for them. It’s also good to check broken vents and any other screened openings to ensure the screens are protecting your home on all sides.


  1. Keep yard work a regular chore. Leaf piles and brush are a cozy temporary home for pests while they establish a way to get in. James Bond’s got nothing when it comes to their determination on a stake out.


  1. Keep vegetation cut back. The trees in your yard with the long branches extending straight to your roof are like an invitation for squirrels and other small animals. Trim any excess vegetation to 6 feet from your home’s foundation.


  1. Keep bird feeders for the birds. Bird feeders are made to feed birds, not a community of wildlife so make sure they are accessible only to birds by strategically placing them where only they can reach them.
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