We all need sheds or storage buildings for different reasons. We are moving to a new place, have large lawn equipment, like to keep things organized, or just need the extra space. Whatever the reason, it’s far too often that some thing or some pest finds its way in and does some damage. Here are a few ways you can help keep them out.

  1. Use mothballs if storing clothing and keep items stored in sealed containers.
  2. Pack bags of fertilizer in extra layers; the smell from the fertilizer can be a magnet for insects, so making it less easy for the scent to escape should reduce your chances of attracting unwelcome insects.
  3. Use chalk to draw a line around your shed. This deters ants since powder messes up their scent capability.
  4. Keep your shed ventilated to avoid attracting bugs such as woodworms, which thrive on humid wood.
  5. Paint or stain the wood to keep water out and avoid rotting wood.
  6. Insects are often attracted to light so avoid overusing lighting in your shed.
  7. Fill all cracks in your shed to prevent pests from entering.