It’s always more than a bit discomforting to hear the scuttling retreat of a cockroach or two or three when you turn on the light to grab a drink of water from the fridge. Even if you are lucky enough to capture one, you always have that paranoid feeling his friends might be lurking and waiting for a good time to exact their revenge. At the sight of one, it’s always best to call us to find the rest and rid your home of the pests, but we also want to provide you with tips on how to prevent them.

  • Every time you cook or use a surface for preparing food, wipe down with your preferred cleaning product.
  • Cooking can be exhausting, but always leave enough energy to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or clean and dry by hand.
  • Your dishwasher is used to clean your dishes, but what is used to clean it? A dishwasher can be run with white vinegar (no dishes inside) to keep it spotless once a month.
  • Cockroaches are not picky. Don’t leave pet food out at night for them to enjoy.
  • It’s a pain but make sure your oven, microwave, extractor hood, and other hard-to-reach places like behind the fridge are wiped down regularly.
  • Keep all pantry foods stored in something that is sealed tight with well-fitting lids.
  • It’s best to take garbage out every night, but if you live alone, most of the time this isn’t necessary. So, make sure that at least the bins are tightly closed.
  • Vacuuming is just as important as wiping down counters. Any food crumbs left behind means fiesta time for la cucaracha.
  • Small dishes of baking soda and sugar can kill cockroaches, but it’s certainly not a permanent fix. Unfortunately, the baking soda can pick up the dead pest and trash it. Ick!

We hope this helps and if you think you may have or would like to prevent a cockroach problem, call Command. It’s what we’re here for!