Command is here to help prevent you from being mosquito bitten in your home or workplace or any other residential / commercial place you visit that is a customer of ours. However, we understand being outdoors automatically ups your risk of being bitten by these pesky bugs, especially at night when you are grilling and watching the stars. There’s nothing more appetizing or romantic than a red, itchy bug bite, right? If you don’t happen to have one of those nifty Benadryl roller sticks, here are some at-home ways to ease the pain.

Ice Pack – Heat causes blood to flow quicker and irritate the infected area. If you happen to have some green tea bags handy, dampen one and press down on the infected area. The tea helps with the inflammation.

Oatmeal Bath – The same goes for oatmeal. It has soothing compounds that help relieve the swelling and itching.

Honey – Honey has antiseptic qualities, so it can help you from getting infected if you have a tendency to scratch. However, its sweet smell and taste can bring on more bugs, so only use that at night before bed with a bandage.

Basil– This herb is also well-known as an anti-inflammatory that will help stop swelling and itching.

Others include apple cider vinegar, lemon, and aloe vera.

And when all else fails, roll in the mud! (And then call us so that never has to happen again!)