School is back in session! So it’s time to learn, time to educate ourselves, time to get to know more about those pesky and not-so-pesky pests. Did you know slugs have 4 noses? Well now you do! So, if you ever get asked that by the famous Alex Trebek, you may win some cash to go on that vacation to the Mohave desert where you may incidentally run into the desert locust, one of the world’s most destructive insects!

  1. The common housefly transmits more diseases than any other animal.
  2. Ants never sleep.
  3. A flea can jump 130 times its height.
  4. There are 35,000 species of spiders in the world.
  5. The desert locust is the world’s most destructive insects. It can eat its own weight in food every day. Large swarms can gobble up to 20,000 tons of grain and plants in a day.
  6. Monarch caterpillars shed their skin 4 times before they become a chrysalis, growing over 2700 times their original size.
  7. The honeybee has to travel an average of 43,000 miles to collect enough nectar to make a pound of honey.