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As summer has waned on and mosquito populations have increased, we’ve experienced a higher demand for our Mosquito Control Program, which helps Arkansans enjoy summer without pesky and possibly dangerous mosquito bites. Our program consists of one consultation with an expert technician and five separate treatments. Recently, we stopped by one of our customer’s homes in beautiful Chenal to perform one of their five treatment sprays.

To begin, our technician put a full work suit, face mask and noise-cancelling headphones. While our treatment solution is completely safe and pet-friendly, it shouldn’t be directly sprayed onto a person or pet and shouldn’t be inhaled.

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Next, the technician fills the spray equipment with mosquito-repelling solution and begins the treatment. The solution is sprayed around the complete perimeter of the property, as well as onto bushes, trees, and on the patio area.

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The treatment is now complete. Though it takes less than half a hour, it will effectively repel mosquitoes for an entire month until it’s time for the next treatment. Now this family can enjoy their gorgeous backyard!

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Considering a mosquito treatment for your yard? While the annoying nature of mosquitoes is enough for most people to have their yard sprayed, the health risk mosquitoes pose to both humans and animals is the main reason we recommend it. Just last year, Arkansas saw 18 cases of mosquito-borne West Nile Virus and two deaths from the disease. Mosquitoes are also a common transmitter of Heart Worm among animals. While no original cases of Zika have occurred in Arkansas yet, our state is home to the same mosquitoes that carry the disease, making preventive mosquito control especially important as the disease spreads to regions outside South America and the Caribbean.

Learn more about our Mosquito Control Program and the results you can expect from it here. Contact us today to inquire about receiving mosquito pest control near you.