If your 2016 New Year resolution is to lose weight, find fame, achieve financial success, etc. we commend you. We can’t help, but we can give you a thumbs-up or high five for support.

But if your 2016 New Year resolution is to get your home clean and organized – and the hard part, making it stay that way all year long – we want to help you accomplish that very realistic and admirable goal!

When you’re thinking of your game plan to achieve the best and brightest clean home award, it can get pretty overwhelming. There are the baseboards to wash, the hard-to-reach fans and crevices to dust, the floors to scrub and vacuum, the closets to organize, the pantry to clean out, and so on.

So you may be asking at this point where Command comes in. As you’re getting all this accomplished, you may find some little unwelcome surprises on your path to sparkliness; droppings, termite wings, animal tracks, or the actual pests themselves. Or maybe you smell something other than pine sol as you scrub, a foul odor you can’t quite identify.

Sometimes what you need to clean out of your home the most can be the toughest to rid of. Check out these outside-the-obvious tips to see when you should be calling Command for an inspection.

  • You have pets that have been scratching themselves more than usual
  • You have discovered your children are asthmatic and can’t seem to find the cause
  • You notice chewing marks or any other wood damage
  • You find holes in window screens
  • You hear scurrying sounds across the roof or deck multiple times
  • You or your family have small, itchy red bumps after spending most of your time indoors
  • You want peace of mind
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