The Bad:  There are an estimated 26 million people in the US suffering from asthma, a condition in which a person’s airways are inflamed causing them to narrow and swell, making it very difficult to breathe. More and more children are born with this chronic condition and are forced to deal with it using inhalers, steroid shots, inhibitors, medication, and breathing stabilizers. As a victim of asthma, you know an attack can come at any time and it’s very difficult to find the trigger if you haven’t been tested for allergens. 60% of asthma attacks are triggered by allergens inside and close to the home. So research was done to see what could be done. Below is what was found.

The Bugly:  Common household pests were found to be a major trigger for asthma, specifically mice and cockroaches.

  • Over a quarter of Americans are allergic to German cockroaches (not just native to Germany).
  • Cockroaches are found in 98% of homes.
  • 82% of households were found with allergens left behind by mice.

The Good: Knowledge is power, but only when followed by action. Now that we know what a major problem this is, we can help ourselves, our children, and our friends and family to be safe in our homes by having pest control as part of our annual seasonal cleaning routine. Keep everyone safe by calling Command today.

Information from View their PSA for more on this topic.

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