People have different opinions on when the summer officially begins. Some say it’s the first BBQ. Some claim it’s graduation day, the first day the pool is open, or the first juicy bite of watermelon. Those of us who have experienced the sharp sting of a bee, wasp, or hornet, might consider summer season opening with the first sighting of an insect nest. So, in order to enjoy all the pleasures summer provides, we want to provide some help on how to stay safe and sting-free this summer.

  • Check your attics, chimneys, decks, and outdoor lights for nests. A seal should be covering any openings or cracks.
  • Don’t wear heavy cologne or perfumes if you’re going to be outside for long periods of time. This goes for scented soaps and lotions, too.
  • Keep exposed food covered at picnics or outdoor activities.
  • Do not swat away a stinging insect or perform a dance of panic. Try to stay calm and back away slowly.
  • Do not remove a nest yourself! That’s what pest professionals are trained for!
  • If stung, remove the stinger and contact a medical professional.