Enjoy A Pest less Kitchen 7

In Arkansas, that first chill means spending more time on fantasy football than actually watching it, rolling out the grill for steak and fall vegetable kabobs, and winterizing the mower. Thankfully, these are all things we look forward to as the heat dies down. However, one thing you may be dreading – if you put your cold-weather clothes away in a hurry – is pulling them back out again to see that your favorite blue sweater looks like it was part of a crime scene.

The sweater may be beyond saving, but your summer clothes don’t have to suffer the same fate. So, keep these steps in mind when stashing your summer clothes away.

What you’re hoping to avoid is the carpet beetle and moth larvae (adult moths don’t actually eat fabric).

Do the dirty laundry

And if it’s not dirty, do it anyways. Before storing your clothes, it’s important to remove any dust, dirt, grime, and other things that humans leave behind on clothing. We also recommend doing this with a no fragrance detergent and skip the fabric softener, as well, so as not to attract pests with the scent.

Choose your container

Avoid cardboard boxes at all costs. They can be just as attractive to pests as your clothes when it comes to their next meal. We recommend plastic containers with lids, or vacuum-sealed bags.

Add in a little something extra

For additional protection, throw in some dried rosemary, lavender, or mint to repel certain fabric-eating bugs and mosquitoes.

Find the perfect spot

Avoid anywhere in your home that lends more towards the wet, dark, or humid. Those are the conditions of a bug breeding ground. Find a cool, dry out-of-the-way location to keep the summer duds until it heats up again.

And the last and final step, have Command come out for an annual inspection to ensure your home and yard are clear of any threats to any fashionable feasters.

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