Copy of Enjoy A Pest less Kitchen

Hiring any sort of specialist to do work on or around your home or business takes a decent amount of trust. You want to feel confident that when you make your payment, the service will not only be performed, but that it will also work. Command Pest Control wants every one of our clients to have a complete peace of mind that the job will get done right when they hire us. In addition to high-level pest control services performed by expert technicians, we also have outlined a set of guarantees to help each of our clients feel good about their decision to hire Command.

We guarantee…

… your premises will be free of cockroach, ant, and rodent infestation upon completion of our second regularly scheduled service.

No home or business owner should hire a pest control company with only a hope that their pest problem will be eradicated – they should enjoy complete confidence that the services they have paid for will work.

… to perform a corrective service within one working day of your call to us.

If a pest problem persists after your second regularly scheduled service, we will come correct the problem within a day of your call. If you’ve already undergone two service treatments, you’ve waited long enough for a pest-free building, and we don’t want you to have to wait a day longer.

… to provide the corrective service at no additional cost to you.

When you work with Command, any corrective service is on us. We always hold up our end of our agreement with our clients, no matter what the cost.

… to refund your last regular service charge if your pest problem persists.

Should you undergo a series of treatments only to continue dealing with a pest infestation after 30 days of your last service, we will refund your last regular service charge. We only want our clients to pay for services that have been effective. 

… we will help hospitality industry clients with any guests unhappy with their experience due to a pest problem.

For all our restaurant and lodging clients, we have a full process in place to ensure that should a problem with a guest arise due to a pest problem, corrective measures will swiftly be taken. Should a guest refuse to pay for a meal or night’s stay because of a pest, Command will reimburse our client for any money lost on the transaction, perform corrective services after the problem is verified, and send a personal apology letter to the unhappy guest.

We always strive to give our clients confidence that when they hire Command, we will do all it takes to keep pests at bay. While this does not necessarily mean our clients will never see a single cockroach, ant or rodent in their home or business again, it does mean that they are safe from persistent problems and infestations, and the health risks that come with them. Get the full details of The Command Guarantee here.

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