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You’ve decided to sell your home, and have begun taking on house projects to help you get top dollar from buyers. You’ve cleaned up the yard, possibly taken on some renovations and are working to get the house completely spotless. There is one aspect of your home’s value you may have overlooked though, and it has the ability to completely slash your asking price, regardless of updates, layout or even location: pest infestations.

Even the slightest pest problem will send a large portion of potential buyers running, and a full infestation will effectively kill any interest you’ve created through your houses best features and immaculate cleanliness. A serious problem like termites devalues your home by at least 25%, but even an excess of mosquitoes buzzing around your property or a single roach in your kitchen will deter interested buyers. We believe no home is truly staged for a successful sale without the help of a pest control expert, because pests greatly devalue your home. Here’s how:

Pests make even the most updated homes into a project.

No home with any sort of pest problem can be touted as turn-key. You can have big home-sellers like a beautiful bathroom and updated kitchen, but if the buyer is taking on a pest problem, the home will still be seen as a project. If a buyer is going to purchase a home with extra work needed, he or she would likely rather take on a renovation rather than a pest problem.

A pest problem poses to health threat to potential buyers.

A pest infestation poses several health threats to humans. For example, an abundance of cockroaches is known to trigger both asthma and allergies, and termites can spread mold within a home. Termites can also compromise the integrity of a house’s structure, creating a safety hazard.

Many people can’t even stand the sight of pests.

For many buyers, no price is low enough to buy a pest-infested home. Typically, pests top ugly kitchens, dirty bathrooms and dysfunctional layout as home buying deal-breakers.

At Command, we never want to see your investment of money and time into your home go to waste due to pests. By paying close attention and researching the pest threats in your area, our experts are able to know what treatments will be most effective in maintaining the value of your home. You can learn more about our services and get a free treatment estimate here.

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