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One of the most wonderful parts of living in Arkansas is the opportunity to enjoy all four glorious seasons. But along with all their perks, cold winters, blooming springs, sunny summers and crisp falls all bring with them different types of pest activity. We may be leaving Arkansas mosquito season and Zika scares behind, but another set of pests have already begun to make their presence known in our state. Here are the top three pests you should be looking out for, and how to prevent an infestation of them in your home.


One of the most unsanitary pests you can have in your home or building, rats and mice carry a host of diseases as well as fleas, ticks and lice. They also reproduce at an astounding rate, allowing a small rodent problem to quickly escalate if it goes untreated. While you may not see much of them in the warmer months, rats and mice begin seeking out shelter in the cooler months. If your home isn’t properly sealed off, you don’t keep your space tidy and/or you leave food out frequently, you’ve created an ideal environment for rodents looking for a warm place to spend the winter. They often make nests in your walls, in your crawlspace or in an attic. Make sure you don’t have an easy entry point for these little critters, you keep your home clean, and that you give us a call if you see any droppings, smell urine or see a rodent itself.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often associated with summer and peak travel season, but because these pests live solely indoors, cooler temperatures do not have the same effect on their population as other pests. Keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs after you’ve stayed at a hotel or someone else’s home, and if you have out of town guest. These signs include a rash, shed exoskeleton/shells, stains on your mattress and bedding and small blood spots on your sheet or pajamas.

Stink Bugs

Like rodents, stink bugs begin seeking shelter from dropping temperature during fall, and given the chance, will take up residence in your home. While stinkbugs certainly don’t present the same health risks as rodents, they aren’t exactly the most pleasant houseguests. Stinkbugs omit an odor when surprised or frightened, and can also leave behind droppings that damage furniture and clothing. Unlike rodents though, these bugs won’t go to great lengths to get into your home. They would much rather hitch hike inside on or in your belongings. By simply checking bags and shaking out jackets before coming inside and ensuring your window and door screens are secure, you should be able to keep theses pests out of your home

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