It’s taken longer than usual, but winter weather has finally arrived in Central and Northwest Arkansas, and as the temperatures continue to drop as the new year gets rolling, many clients are curious as to what they should be on the lookout for in the colder weather where pests are concerned.

 Winter weather pests carry the dangers of structural damage to your home (rats and raccoons) and disease to your family (mice and roaches). And in order to prevent that, Command will be proud to come be your home-saving hero. But it’s important to be educated on the different ways colder weather and pests can cause huge trouble.

Just like us, rodents are looking for a warm place when the temperature drops. Unlike us, they can fit through tiny nooks and cracks in the foundation and roofing where our eyes might not be able to determine a potential opening. Once they’ve made their entrance, it’s hard to boot them out, especially if they come in to lay babies. A lot of the structural damage can occur when electrical wires have been chosen for dinner. Ensure all cracks and openings into the home are sealed.

Heavy rains are also common during winter storms and there are certain pests attracted to moisture other than mosquitos. Carpenter ants and termites seek out places where moisture is gathering like an attic or basement leak. Awareness and location of an infestation is tough at the beginning but you’ll begin to notice the damage as their colonies grow and the expense to repair your home after a colony has moved in is a tough pill to swallow. Check all areas of the home after a heavy rain and ensure they are kept dry.

Ice and wind are thieves of roofing shingles and any type of covering you use to keep the elements and pests from entering your home from above. Bats and raccoons can become permanent houseguests due to damage done by the effects of winter. Occasionally check your roof (or call professionals) to see if anything has blown away enough to create a welcoming opening for pests.

If you need Central and Northwest Arkansas’s best pest control experts to come out to relieve these winter weather pest worries, Command Pest is here for you.

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